Apr 10

Do You Suffer from Sinus Headaches?


Do you wake up with a headache in the morning or experience any of the following symptoms?

* Sore irritable throat and coughing
* Swollen nasal passages
* Abnormal nasal secretions
* Tenderness in the face
* Feelings of exhaustion or fatigue
* Pain aggravated by quick movements

Some people are more at risk than others for sinus headaches and there are many factors that will contribute to you being more predisposed to sinus headaches.

If you do suffer from colds and respiratory infections, you may find your sinuses are more easily inflamed.

There are many natural health sinus congestion remedies that will alleviate suffering, help clear congestion and release painful pressure in your sinuses passages.

Pure essential oils are a very effective and completely natural way to release the intense pain and discomfort caused by blocked sinus passages and a very safe effective natural home remedy.

Breathe Again, Deep Relief, Peppermint, Lavender, Idaho Balsam Fir and Eucalyptus are great oils to knock any sinus trouble back!


Be well,
Elizabeth and Catherine


Elizabeth - Catherine Ningxia



Elizabeth and Catherine are two sisters who are building their wealth part-time while working at their jobs full time. They have plans to transition from swapping dollars for hours to a leadership position in Young Living while helping others create more health and wealth in their lives too.

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