Oct 10

Sick of Over The Counter Drugs?

Prescription Drugs are like Band-Aids

Prescription pills merely bandage the pain or undesirable behavior as opposed to addressing the underlying root cause of the problem. Then once the Band-Aid disintegrates as the medication fades, the unwanted symptom re-appears.

Plus, the side effects from the pharmaceuticals are almost worse than the symptoms themselves. Personally, I don’t like the dry mouth and cloudy thinking that comes with using them.

If you look up the definition of the word “drug”, you will see one common theme…a chemical substance. Please don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for medications.

I believe that we have become a society that turns to drugs first as a solution to most of our health issues. Maybe it’s because we think the results will be faster, maybe we think it’s an “easy” solution or that the results will be more effective.

Whatever it is that drives us to look for a pill first, in the end may be doing more harm than good.

Try treating your allergies naturally with things like essential oils or even high quality vitamins. This way you’re not only boosting and strengthen your immune system but you’re also providing adrenal support.

In other words, not only are you fighting your allergy symptoms, you’re also helping your body fight illness down the line.

If you are looking to explore an alternative to your conventional healthcare, give us a call and let’s talk about what is possible!

To your good health!

The Young Living Sisters

Elizabeth - Catherine Ningxia
Elizabeth and Catherine are two sisters who are building their wealth part-time while working at their jobs full time. They have plans to transition from swapping dollars for hours to a leadership position in Young Living while helping others create more health and wealth in their lives too.

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